Manjula Reddy Nookala

Assistant Principal

Manjula Reddy Nookala is a highly experienced education professional with more than 15 years in this field. Manjula has expertise in leadership and relationship building that has helped to propel her in her career. Years of continued education have provided Manjula the ability to grow as an educator. She is certified to teach in grades K-12 and has experience teaching high school and college. 

Manjula Reddy Nookala Education & Early Career

With a strong interest in science and math, Manjula decided to attend university to study this area further. Manjulla Reddy Nookala went to the University of Texas at Arlington and completed a bachelor of science degree in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. She was able to utilize her education in science to begin her career in education. Manjula started to work as a teacher at a high school in Texas, where she taught various areas of science, including chemistry, physics, and integrated physics with chemistry. 

Manjula quickly realized her passion for education and decided to take on more roles and pursue a master’s degree. In 2003, Manjula Reddy Nookala became a Teacher, Senior Village Lead, Curriculum Coordinator, and Recruitment Coordinator at a K-12 charter school in Philadelphia. She was able to teach various standards-based college preparatory mathematics programs while taking on different administrative roles. 

Later, Majula went on to become a teacher and Athletic Director of a different charter high school in Philly. She continued to teach mathematics courses while also taking on a leadership role and coaching five different sports throughout the year. While working in this role, Manjula received her Master of Education degree in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University. Completing this degree helped Majula further and expand her career.

Manjula Reddy Nookala’s Experience in Higher Education

After working at the charter high school, Manjula Reddy Nookala began working in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a Math and Physics Instructor for the MISE Program. She then went on to take on multiple teaching roles in Philly. Manjula worked as a teacher in a high school and an Adjunct Mathematics Instructor at Pierce College and the Community College of Philadelphia. While she was teaching college preparatory mathematics programs and basic college mathematics courses, Manjula began to work towards becoming qualified for a principal or assistant principal role. She completed her principal internship hours, which helped prepare her for her second master’s degree and career. 

While working as a Mathematics Instructional Specialist at a Texas high school from 2009 to 2012, Manjula Reddy Nookala attended Drexel University to complete a Master of Science degree. Manjula’s degree concentrated on mathematics education. She quickly began taking on more leadership roles and was able to contribute to the development of curriculum road maps for Algebra I and Pre-Calculus for the Texas school district where she worked. 

Manjula Reddy Nookala: Assistant Principal

These experiences and successes in her teaching, curriculum creation, and leadership lead to Manjula Reddy Nookala becoming an Assistant Principal at another Texas high school. She was the second in charge of a large urban high school with more than 2,000 students and 200 employees. 

Manjula spent three years in that role before moving into her current role as an Assistant Principal at an Austin, Texas middle school. She is responsible for supervising teachers, paraprofessionals, and school aids while also serving as the PDAS/TGAP appraiser for the Math and Special Education Department.

Aside from science and mathematics, Manjula Reddy Nookala is interested in various aspects of technology. Her favorite quote and one she lives by is “without a contradictory impression, there is nothing to awaken reflection.”