Manjula Reddy Nookala Science

Sadly, the modern world is filled with a lot of misinformation. If you are not adequately informed or if you aren’t paying close attention, you might be tricked by some pseudoscience. The term pseudoscience refers to a type of false science that claims things without having the data or research to back those claims up. For example, numerology and astrology are both considered to be pseudosciences. 

When it comes to identifying pseudosciences, it’s important to look out for certain things. Read on to take a look at several tips that will help you out. If you use this advice, then you should be able to avoid being tricked by modern pseudosciences. 

Determine What the Purpose Is

Often, pseudosciences are created with some type of agenda in mind. They might be pushing certain ideals or trying to sell some kind of product. There is a reason for a pseudoscience trying to trick people with false claims. Science should be motivated by providing the public with more knowledge while presenting its findings transparently. 

Examine the Research

Examining the research is the most important way to identify pseudoscience. Simply put, most pseudosciences will have zero research to back up the claims that are being made. If a pseudoscience does have any research, then it will be quite vague, and the claims won’t be put to the test very well. Real science has to go through various tests before the author of a study makes new information public. 

Is it Even Testable?

Some pseudosciences are not even testable at all. Numerology or other concepts like that can’t really be proven false because it is largely a supernatural thing. Thus, many of the claims made by pseudosciences will be grand and hard to prove incorrect due to not being testable by standard scientific methods. If it sounds too unreal to be true, then it probably is. 

Are Challenges Welcomed?

A standard type of science is going to welcome challenges. Science is about discovering the truth and seeking new information, after all. Pseudosciences will not embrace challenges and will become very uneasy when the information that is being presented comes under scrutiny. This is just another huge sign that everything about the pseudoscience is bogus.